• It’s about the mechanical watches.

    Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two kinds: manual winding and automatic winding watches. The power source of these two machines are powered by the spring inside the movement, which drives the gear and then pushes the watch hand, but the source of power is different. M...
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  • Platinum is actually gold? Can a gold-plated watch be refurbished? An article to understand watch material

    So, how much do you know about watch materials? What material is scratch resistant? What material is strong? What material can be polished and refurbished? Today let us talk about those common case materials.     Stainless steel: the most common, practical and durable Stainless steel-...
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  • Does the quartz watch need no maintenance? Naive!

    Does the quartz watch need no maintenance? Naive!

    The energy of a quartz watch comes from the watch battery. 01Types of quartz watch batteries The types of quartz watch batteries can generally be divided into five types: lithium batteries, silver oxide batteries, silver peroxide batteries, mercury oxide batteries and solar batteries. Each batt...
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